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X1 Articulating Video Borescopes

3.8mm & 6mm Insertion Diameter

The X1 Series Articulating Video Borescope is a huge breakthrough in Remote Visual Inspection Technology. The X1 offers a sleek and strategic design, military grade durability, and the most responsive articulation on the market. This portable borescope has a magnetized base which allows it to attach to metal surfaces while conducting routine inspections. The easy grip handle and smooth joystick design make this video borescope user-friendly. Sensitive 360° articulation makes complex components easy to inspect at a fraction of regular inspection times. This borescope also has 2 different interchangeable camera probe lengths to choose from (1.5 meters and 3.0 meters) and 2 different diameters (3.8mm and 6mm).

MC1 Borescopes

4mm & 6mm Insertion Diameter

The MC1 Series Mechanical Articulating Borescope provides the ultimate inspection experience through cutting edge features and strategic design. This motor-driven Borescope has the most impressive battery life of all our Borescopes at a price that cannot be beat. Routine maintenance inspections are made quicker and easier than ever to conduct with the MC1’s crystal clear display, portable design, and smooth articulation. Its military grade durability lasts through the toughest inspections. The handheld unit is designed for easy grip and joystick handling. This video borescope is available in 2 lengths (1.5 meter and 3.0 meter) and 2 diameters (4mm and 6mm).

JCM Pipe Cameras


The JCM 3000 Pipe Inspection System is a major innovation in High-End Digital Borescope Pipe Cameras, Extreme Durability, and Remotely Controlled Camera Articulation. This revolutionary Pipe Inspection System provides the ideal inspection experience through interchangeable cameras, longer insertion tube lengths, and upgraded features. The pipeline camera system features an impressive 7.5” LCD display so you can see every detail possible during your inspections. This remote visual inspection equipment is made extremely portable with its rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that boasts a 4-hour battery life. A user-friendly control pad lets users easily capture photos and video of routine maintenance inspections. The JCM 3000 features a variety of different attachments, including an articulating camera tip, 2 large pipe cameras, and more.

4mm Articulating Video Borescope

DG1 Video Borescopes

4mm & 6mm Insertion Diameter

The DG1 Series Articulating Video Borescope provides the best combination of PORTABILITY, DURABILITY, and QUALITY, while having one of the best price tags in the Remote Visual Inspection industry. This flexible video borescope features 4-way 360° articulation, color display, and visual recording capabilities. 6 LED lights surrounding the camera tip make the pictures displayed bright and in full detail. The DG1 is perfect for nondestructive inspections because of its smooth articulation and HD display. All of these features are provided by this borescope for a fraction of the price offered by competitors. The intuitive design and rubber grip make this flexible borescope very user-friendly for MRO technicians. The DG1 is available in 2 different lengths (1.5 meter and 3.0 meter) and 2 different dimensions (4mm and 6mm).

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Ultra Thin Borescope Camera

1.8 Micro Borescope Camera

SPI Borescopes is proud to introduce the Ultra Thin Series 1.8 Micro Borescope Camera. It is a 1.8mm super-ultrathin industrial borescope that embodies the product development concepts of our company. It can be used for inspecting inside ultra small holes and pipes. It is the thinnest borescope in the world among video scope-type borescopes that do not use fibers. This minicam borescope is perfect for computer component inspections. This ultra-portable borescope features a side view mirror tip, a 3.5” display, and SD card.




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